About Us

My story begins like this. I have always had an interest in two areas; aromatherapy and skin & body care. The fun part was developing high vibrational products merging the two together to achieve my desire to bring forth a healing effect in some capacity. This healing effect could be clearing a blemish, removing a negative vibe,  soothing a dry patch of skin, and/or washing away the day’s debris.

My interest in blending herbs and aromatherapy for healing and well-being came naturally.  As a child, I would watch my paternal grandmother, fondly known as Nay-Nay, make remedies to cure most aches or pains using various ingredients in her kitchen. My maternal grandmother, fondly known as Mama Lorraine, was a respected midwife in Jackson, Tennessee known for delivering over 200 babies and providing medical care to countless others in her community. So, I suppose you can say healing and making concoctions is in my genes. 

I created Body Lyrics after studying skincare, aromatherapy, and myomassology and becoming a National Certified Massage and Bodywork Therapist (NCMBT).  Body Lyrics is a business built upon a foundation of love, healing, and positive intent. My team and I take great pride in creating harmonizing, fragrant products that you won’t just like, but will surely love.  Our handcrafted items are not merely candles and body products. We consider them works of art made especially for you and your loved ones.  


What sets us apart

Using synergy oil and utilizing natural, organic ingredients where available, we custom-blend all of our products to cater to the individual needs or conditions of both adults and children. Healing, natural elements to help relieve stress are sought out as well.

What makes our products and services especially unique is the loving, healing, and positive intent infused into every step of our creative process. We pour love into each thought of a product or service with the intent of creating a healing and positive experience for each of our customers.

Our signature fragrances are intended to carry your mind, the very essence of you, to a special place or journey that brings forth moments of bliss perfectly matched to your desired state of mind. Place an order today and feel renewed.


Why Choose Body Lyrics

The candles from Body Lyrics smell sooooo good!  My absolute favorite is Mediterranean Pear! It’s the candle I burn when I want to relax and cozy up with a book.  It smells fresh with a slight hint of fruity that compliments a relaxing day.  My other favorite is the signature scent, White Tea.  This is an everyday go-to for a clean and inviting smell that adds an extra layer of style to your space.  The added benefit of filling your home with these luxury scents is they burn clean and are free of phthalates.


I’m obsessed with Body Lyrics! Everything from candles to lotions are made with love and care. The candles really help brighten up my space and I am constantly getting compliments on how good an area smells when I burn them.


Body Lyrics candles are by far the best candles on the market! They come in an array of scents and it’s nearly impossible for me to burn only one at a time! I’ve purchased a single candle for $55 at a high-end department store and it took 20 minutes to notice the scent.  My Body Lyrics candle took 3 to 5 minutes and my house smells wonderful.  The scent is never overwhelming nor resemble chemicals. You can tell the ingredients are top notch. I can’t say enough positive things about these candles.   These will always be my go-to candles.